February 11, 2017

5 Tips for Creating a High Tech & High Style Conference Room

The best meetings happen when you are surrounded by good technology, luxurious style, and good people!  Here are a few tips that will help you think about planning a functional and fabulous design: 

1. Technology and the Table 

Sage Interiors is well versed in working with Atlantic Aviation's Tech Department to coordinate electrical power from the floor with table bases and sleek grommets in the table top for easy access. We assured that there is ample room for the large scale screen for media. The table shown here in Charleston has a nice feature - ALL bases accept power and there is a trough within the table for the power which means we can place grommets at any point in the table top that is needed.  There are many choices of table tops, table bases, wood finishes and edge details. 

2. Lighting 

The Charleston lighting design combines ambient, direct and accent lighting to give you multiple light levels for any meeting activity. Also note the art appears as if you were looking out of an airplane, making this room the perfect place to buy or sell airplanes! 

3. Conference Room Finishes 

The Reno FBO conference room below used a specialty carpet to support a Tahoe theme with branches depicting nature.  Along with leather stitched wallcovering, a canvas oil painting of Lake Tahoe from the air painted by a local artist and a live edge console table - this room sets the stage for high mountain style. And, yes, the wire mesh basket on the table has aspen branches and moss gathered from the shores of the lake. All these details do not go unnoticed by your customers. 

Another Tahoe theme conference room - Don't forget the COLOR!  

4.  Chairs 

Comfortable and durable chairs are a must for long meetings! The chair we have been using is ultra comfortable and comes in a variety of metal finishes and leathers that range from a sleek modern look for Burbank to a distressed leather for Portland. 

4. Themed Art 

Finding the right image that fits a regional style and adds the right amount of color is essential to the success of the overall design.  At Orlando Executive, this sunrise photo is stunning and brings the room to life. 

5. Branded Accessories 

We never overlook details at Sage Interiors and are happy to have added a personal touch to the conference experience with a branded logo crystal pitcher and glasses, complete with a themed tray and ice bucket. 

BONUS TIP:  Make mobile technology available in the lobby at your FBO. Here in Charleston, we created a "Tech Center" where each location at this gorgeous granite bar has two outlets as well as tables with pop-up-outlets for charging. This high technology is surrounded by a traditional brick and a wave pattern wall with stone and metal accents your clients on the go.  

January 10, 2017

Regional Atlantic Aviation Lobby Style

A lobby upgrade can be easy and affordable to do while creating a big impact on your target customers first impression.  Right from Reno, Nevada I can help create a floorplan, furniture plan, and selection of all materials needed to transform your space.  At Sage Select, there are always options. By meeting online, we can explore furniture styles, textiles, art, accessories all to create a nice, neat package.  

We created a new rich and durable design at the MCO Orlando FBO lobby for the NBAA arrivals.  Rich deep chocolate and sand colors with a hint of lovely modern art depicting ocean and water tones welcome customers.  Custom wood tables with a sharp contrast of dark chocolate and blond wood have a stone accent at the criss-cross.  Wood tables are all protected by a thin layer of glass.  This design provides a warm welcome to anyone visiting Orlando. 

Here is the worksheet we created to bring this design to life: 

Before at MCO - Orlando FBO: Wood chair arms and textiles were tired as well as having little diversity in colors and patterns - we are pleased to have transformed the space to a more elegant and durable space, don't you agree? 

The next lobby refresh on the way is at PHF Newport News. . . here is our design sheet with an updated nautical theme: 

We look forward to creating a theme for your FBO! Beauty Inspires. 


October 08, 2015

3 Tips For Maximizing Seating In Your Lobby


Intuitively, we may think oversized sofas and chairs are most inviting for a lobby, but they can be overwhelming and take up valuable space.  An oversized chair only seats one person and typically only one to two people will sit on a large sectional. Here some suggestions and success stories I would like to share. 

TIP: Utilize smaller sofas and single “human scale” chairs  30" to 36” wide. With these dimensions, a lobby can hold more functional seats and still look spacious.

SUCCESS STORY: In Los Angles we used this formula and as I was installing one of the employees noted how open and spacious the lobby looked and yet we had added five seats – much needed five seats to a very busy lobby! See the new look below: 


 TIP: We can choose any style that fits the regional theme and scale it down to 72,” which is the perfect size for a lobby. Why? Two people can easily sit here if they are together, but likely one person will sit on a sofa. With the use of smaller width sofas, you pick up valuable floor space to be able to place single chairs and side tables in strategic locations.

SUCCESS STORY: In Pittsburgh we are space planning the lobby with two seating groups using these 72” sofas as anchor pieces. Again see how style and materials can vary to meet each design style and yet allow the space plan to accommodate more seating in high style.


TIP: Don’t underestimate the value of a bench along a window wall or walkway. seating may only be 18” deep and can be any length to fill a space for overflow seating. Again the style can match the materials and wood finish of the lobby design.

SUCCESS STORY:  In Los Angeles, we were able to fit two 60” benches along the entry on the window wall which was previously unused space. When it is standing room only, a bench is great additional seating. 

Thank you for visiting the Sage Select Blog and hope you these were valuable tips for your planning. Marilee is happy to help you create a functional lobby layout to meet the needs of your customers and speaks high quality and style that fulfill the Atlantic Aviation promise to their clientele.