Sage Select Services and Selection Process

Welcome to the world of Sage

Sage Select Services and Selection Process:

  • Providing designer-curated furniture packages that support your business mission and fits your budget and timeframe.
  • Space planning to assure placement of furniture meets functional and aesthetic requirements.
  • Ordering, Receiving, Installing all items to the very last detail to prepare your space for a successful and lasting impression with your clients.


In 6 simple steps Marilee’s clients receive top notch service and high quality products. Here is what to expect from Sage Select Furniture Packages:

  1. Initial interview which includes review of your existing or new interior finishes and needs for seating capacity, function and durability of each space
  2. A fun meeting to preview two furniture themes from which we choose the best to represent your business
  3. Space planning, and selection of all furnishings, art and accessories with budget
  4. Finalize all proposed items, budget and lead times
  5. Ordering, receiving and installing all products
  6. Final walk through, photos and celebration!


What sets Sage Select apart from other designers or office furniture companies:

You get the best of both worlds, a seasoned and creative interior designer along with a company bursting with high quality furniture resources for any style or budget delivered to your doorstep with a smile.

  1. With twenty-two years of successful work in the commercial market Marilee is well respected and versed in creating a design theme that fits your style, your budget and delivers it with white glove service.
  2. Sage Select has a deep reservoir of not only commercial, high durability furniture lines but also relationships with craftsman and artists that thrive on customizing furniture or art to meet the custom and creative nature of Marilee’s designs.
  3. Sage Select does not have a showroom, hence is able to offer quality products at highly competitive prices.
  4. Products have been tested in 24/7 operations around the country so we know what works and have reliable warranties with the manufactures we use. Our clients know we stand behind our products.